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16 June 2008 @ 09:29 pm
Welcome to Ongaku Journal.

I never wanted public access to any of the contects here,so this community been f-lock from the beginning of time,but I decided to stricten the rules,so you have to comment here to be added.
I know,it's a pain in the ass,I don't do this to reject anyone so anyone commented here will be added sooner or later for sure,I don't wanna make anyone sad,but it's necessary to protect the files here.
I also know some of you may not wanna join a community without knowing what they have f-locked,it may be disappointing knowing after you joined there's nothing interests you inside.You don't wanna add a friend if you two have nothing in comman,simply don't click.So just to give you a little clue on what's inside.
ClickyCollapse )
I hope you have a nice stay,and please comment,I need to interchange,that's the way we get to know each other better,that's the way this community can be have any inprovement.

Now that you've read everything,comment and click here to send a join request.